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Oillan Med+Dermatologicl Moisting & Norishing Blm 150Ml

  • Product Code: 104389
The balm is intended for intensive moisturization and lubrication of the skin: very dry, irritated, itching, too cornified, with diagnosed dermatoses (AD, psoriasis, ichthyosis). To be used in acute skin conditions, as well as in remission. Intended for children from the 1st month of age and for adults. Active ingredients: Urea 10%, lactic acid, L-arginine, vitamin E, D-panthenol. Action: moisturizes and lubricates the skin for a long time eliminates irritation and redness of the skin reduces itch regenerates, softens and levels the epidermis replenishes deficits of natural components of the epidermis relieves the symptoms of excessive cornification.

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