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Grape seeds capsules Natural antioxidant
Grape seeds capsules Natural antioxidant

Grape seeds capsules Natural antioxidant

Natural grape seeds capsules with Vitamins C, Zinc, Iron and Garpe seeds extract which is rich in natural antioxidants to support general health from Shiva Home.

  • Natural product.
  • Made in Turkey from Shiva Home.
  • Dietary Supplement.
  • Natural antioxidant Supports general health.
  • 60 capsules.
  • GMP Quality Assured.
  • Strengthens the immunity system.
  • Protects against anemia.
  • Maintains normal levels of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Reduces cancers especially lung cancer, stomach, esophagus and prostate.
  • Increases body energy and vitality.
  • Delays aging process.

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The product contains 60 capsules and each one consists of:

Grape seeds extract 




Rose hip


Vitamin C 

6.76 % 


6.57 % 

Lemon balm leaves

5.76 % 

Nettles leaves

5.76 % 

Hawthorn leaves

5.76 % 

Rosemary leaves

5.76 % 

Sage leaves

5.76 % 


4.98 % 

Folic Acid 

0.028 % 

Vitamin B12

0.0004 % 

How to use:

Take one capsule daily after meal and preferably at the morning


This product interacts with:

Warnings and advising:

- The product is safe and side effects are very rare but some people can have mild digestive effects, headache and dizziness.

- It is recommended to take the product in the morning after breakfast because it can cause insomnia if taken at night time.

- It is recommended to take the product at least two hours before taking antacids containing aluminum.

- Do not take this medicine if you have:

- Stop taking the product at least two weeks before any surgical procedure.

- It is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

- Keep the product out of the reach of children.