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Cold & Flue & Allergy

These Puressentiel Respiratory Softening Gums contain mint essential oil with a soothing effect on the throat, pharynx and vocal cords. Without sugars, these gums have a pleasant and refreshing taste.No coloring - No preservatives - No animal gelatin - No synthetic flavor..
52 SAR
The Puressentiel Respiratory throat spray contains mint essential oil with a calming effect on the throat, pharynx and vocal cords, and thyme essential oil that helps the optimal functioning of the respiratory system. It allows to soothe locally and quickly the throat. This throat spray is a food s..
75 SAR
The 100% natural formula of Puressentiel Respiratory Cough Syrup, combining essential oils with plant extracts (echinacea, honey, propolis and acerola), is ideal for soothing the throat, pharynx and vocal cords.Puressentiel cough syrup acts by mechanical action to calm the cough generated by an in..
68 SAR
The Respiratory Hypertonic Nasal Spray is ideal for decongesting the nose in the event of a cold, hay fever, sinusitis or rhinopharyngitis, during periods of winter ailments* and allergies. Reduction from the very first minutes in congestion and nasal discharge, soothes irritated nasal mucous membr..
72 SAR
This inhalation with essential oils will give you well-being thanks to its olfactory cleansing, purifying and soothing properties. Enriched with natural menthol and camphor, this inhaler is the indispensable ally 100% natural, to help you breathe more freely. Small and easy to use, this inhaler will..
42 SAR
These pastilles with three aromatic honeys Respiratory Puressentiel contain essential oils including the essential oil of Eucalyptus soothing on the throat, pharynx and vocal cords. Active 100% natural - No coloring - No synthetic flavor...
72 SAR
Real Ketones Powder Natural Lemon Flavor 15 Servings 150 Gm
-25 %
CARB CONTROL MADE SIMPLEIn today’s carb-heavy world, losing excess body fat and maintaining healthy weight management can be very difficult. Now you don’t have to struggle to avoid carbs. You can enjoy a delicious lemonade flavored Real Ketones drink to help manage your weight and keto lifestyle.The..
138 SAR 184 SAR
Herbal Immune Balance Sinus 60 Vegetarian Capsules
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Herbal Immune Balance Sinus is the only product in the Garden of Life line that is specifically designed to provide natural support for sinus health.† The main active ingredient in this herbal formula is Wild Crafted Butterbur which has been validated in multiple human clinical studies. This is comb..
162 SAR
Puressentiel Respiratory Airy Spray with 19 Essential Oils 60ml
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This Puressentiel Respiratory Air Spray with essential oils is used at the first sign of cooling. It facilitates respiratory well-being and is also used during periods of winter aggression. Thanks to the purifying and soothing virtues of the 19 essential oils present in this respiratory spray, breat..
85 SAR
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